Christie (blondie2c7m) wrote in live_life_cgjlc,

man alive

All right, so after a really long period of time where no one liked me, Phil came along and decided to replace Eileen with me. Whatever, nice kid, I think I might like him, though there is the fact that I have a slight attraction to about 20 people in AP Gov...ok not 20, definitely aren't 20 guys in the class, but you get the idea. Then Mike Dube comes out of nowhere and wants to hang out. MEANWHILE I never know if I like people because I can't decide if I only like them because they like me, blah blah blah.

Now I'm going to bed.

Caitlin, we have parallel lives. This seriously always happens when I spend a lot of time with someone...except Janet. It never happened with Janet. It happened with Liz last year during track, and it may have happened with Greg, I don't really remember.

<3 meeeeee
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